About the Author

Dr. Afshin Dehghani was born in Iran on April 28, 1970. Faced with a tumultuous youth, he learned the value of life, love, and freedom. Though times were tough, he persevered and went on to study Medicine in Hungary where he became a plastic surgeon. Dr. Dehghani still lives and practices in Hungary and considers it to be his second home.

With his professional goals accomplished, he decided to indulge in his passion for writing. His first novel, Whispering Date Palms was devoted to the promotion of education and the fight for basic human rights that so many have had stripped from them throughout history and even still today. His second novel, Wild Tulips, is based on the desire for success, the ugliness of jealousy, and the passion to love that all men experience and duly try to navigate in an increasingly complex world.


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