Wild tulips

Authors Note

I dedicate this book to my daughter, Aida. Your heart is as pure and white as a pearl. My life began the day you were born. You are my moon, and I hope your light shines on me, always. Even in the darkest of times you always show me the way. I am just like a shadow that, without your light, doesn’t exist.

To all the lovers, lost and found, to the broken-hearted, and to those strong enough to put the pieces back together. Remember, a life without love, without hope, is not a life worth living.

For much of our lives, there is a war waging in our minds, one influenced by the passion to love and the fear and heaviness of loss.

My greatest wish is that this novel scatters through the minds and hearts of readers, giving them hope and the inspiration to love and forgive. I believe that it is not the one who can seek revenge but the one that can forgive that should truly be worshiped.


Nicholas looks at a picture of wild red tulips and embarks on a journey through space and time that evokes memories. The large canvas depicts a farm in a field of wild tulips. In the background, a flock of migratory birds pulls towards the sun. The man recalls the once strong and beautiful Sacha in the tulip field. A woman’s heart is a man’s only companion. He looks at her. He embraces her with a smile that binds him to her forever. Drizzle with the taste of your lips. 

The man’s heart and brain argue. 


A wise man never falls in love. A broken heart is not a whole heart which you could swear by. 


I swear, my heart is intact. I keep it intact. I will never fail again. I will never fall in love .

– Afshin Dehghani


Aida Dehghani - Dr. Afshin lánya festés közben

For the ones who dream of
one love and one heart.


You can find my book in the most of the Hungarian Bookstores, and you can order from their webshops.

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1 éve

Dearest Afshin, I’ve just finished the book. What can I say? Thank you for letting me read it and letting me have a glimpse into the deepest of your beautiful soul. The ending was unexpected yet expected cause of your utmost faith in love. The dialogues between heart and mind…. Touched me to my core. I’ve been there….All i can say is that those around you are truly blessed by your love, your kindness and faith in giving. The metaphors are beautiful and resonate your feelings. Thank you, again

1 éve

It became clear that it doesn’t matter where we came from, where we got to, how much money we have, luxury items, if we don’t have a partner with whom we have mutual love-love-trust, objects and power do not replace happiness and do not prove how successful we are . There must be such great love in the world as you described, and the one who finds the other half and can experience true love can be truly happy, and it would be best if there were more and more of them.

1 éve

I read the book, it completely captivated me, and I was carried by the story at every moment, I lived it.
You write beautifully, so meticulously, it’s unbelievable.
The story is fantastic, full of emotions, although I put the book down at the last chapter last night and didn’t want to believe that this was happening to Nicholas.
I couldn’t accept how such a great love could end?! But the turn came and I loved it, I believe in eternal love.
The cover of the book is also beautiful, and it’s different to see how I got to the end of the story.
Until now, I only saw your beautiful little girl on it, then I saw the white string of pearls and the painting of tulips. I already understood what this picture means.
You are fantastic, write more please.
The tears brought me joy and happiness, maybe I understand my life better through it.
Nice to see your site too, I love it, thanks again!


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Moldova Júlia